Quality of Life


MEMAH extends the definition of men’s health to include quality of life. What is quality of life? It is the degree to which a man enjoys the important possibilities of his life. It’s a way of life that encompasses family values, working relationships, community life, leisure pursuits and personal education. Quality of life includes the enjoyment that a man gets from interacting in the world around him.

These social connections impact the quality of a man’s life in ways every bit as powerful as good diet and daily exercise. Here are three major areas of life to consider:

Physical Being
  • Breathing, eating, drinking
  • “Life machine” of cells, tissues and organs
Psychological Being
  • How thoughts and emotions are processed
  • Awareness and consciousness of one’s actions
Spiritual Being
  • The connection to one’s eternal light, soul or a higher power.
Physical Belonging
  • Association with the neighborhood I live in or the places I visit
Social Belonging
  • Ties and bonds to family, friends, spouse or a special person.
  • Cultural activities
Community Belonging
  • Being able to participate in services (church, medical, schools)
  • Giving back or reinvesting into your community
  • Memberships to various social organizations, internet groups
Practical Becoming
  • Doing things around my house.
  • Working at a job you enjoy or going to school to pursuit your dreams.
  • Eating well and exercise
Leisure Becoming
  • Outdoor activities (walks, cycling, tennis, gardening etc.)
  • Indoor activities (bowling, music, painting, hobbies etc.)
Growth Becoming
  • Improving my knowledge base (diet, exercise, wellness)
  • Coping and willingness to make changes in my life.
  • Developing awareness on a physical, mental, emotional andspiritual level.